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You are successful for a reason, and so are we! We have a proven track record in providing customized policies that respond to the needs of our CPA and Accounting Firm clients throughout the Midwest.

Committed to You

We are committed to helping CPA's & Accounting Firms protect themselves from potential financial loss resulting from Professional Liability (also known as Errors & Omissions) claims. These types of claims are not covered under a General Liability policy as they involve financial injury to a client as a result of allegations of errors, omissions or negligence in the services provided.

With our longstanding relationships with top-tier insurers that specialize in creating Professional Liability policies for this industry segment, our team is well equipped to meet the needs of your your firm. A Professional Liability insurance policy specifically designed for CPA's and Accounting Firms is what is needed to provide both defense and get your firm back up and running after such a claim.

Policy Features

Our policies provide coverage for those providing professional accounting services, including CPA's, Accounting Firms, Bookkeepers, Enrolled Agents, and Tax Preparers. Our policies can be tailored to respond to the various challenges that may arise from a professional liability claim, including:

  • A Broad Range of Limits and Deductibles
  • Broad Definition of Professional Services including Services as a Trustee, Receiver, Executor, and Notary Public
  • Coverage includes Independent Contractors Working on Your Behalf as the Insured
  • Defendants Reimbursement Coverage
  • Cyber Coverage
  • First Dollar Defense

Minimizing Losses, Keeping Costs In Line

We will put our expertise to work for you to help prevent losses from happening in the first place. This includes reviewing your best practices and procedures to see where improvements can be made. Some of the issues we will review include:

  • Your engagement letters with clients. These should clearly outline what you will and will not be doing, when you will be doing it, what the client's responsibilities will be, and what services cannot be relied upon to be accomplished (for example, detect fraud).
  • Your client screening procedures. Higher risk clients increase the exposure for even the most careful accounting firms.
  • Your invoices. On hourly engagements, providing clients with billing details of time spent for certain tasks not only helps explain what you are doing for the client but also could narrow down issues for possible fee disputes, should they arise.
  • Your document retention policy. A practical and systematically implemented document retention policy is critical to protecting you and your client. Destroying or discarding client files may cause an accountant to face serious and adverse legal consequences if the destruction occurs in bad faith.


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