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Commercial Auto Fleet: Fire Prevention Tips

10/16/2019 | Stephanie Marsh

Does your business have a commercial auto fleet?  Better yet, are you in the transportation industry – are your vehicles hauling for hire?!  Many industries and organizations have their employees and assets on the road daily, it is important to make sure your fleet is in good working order to prevent vehicle fires. 

As important as it is to properly service your vehicles, it is equally as important to conduct regular vehicle safety checks to guarantee everything is in good working condition.  This risk management technique not only prevents damage to property or lost goods, it most importantly keeps your drivers and fellow operators on the roadway safe. 

While there are many causes for vehicle fires, mechanical and electrical issues are common causes along with fuel system leaks.  Should there be a leak in a fuel line or problem with a fuel injector and gasoline could escape, a fire could become very likely in a commercial vehicle or a private passenger vehicle.   

Like anything, proper maintenance and prevention is key, but you may be asking what kinds of things one should be looking for?! 

Fluids on the ground are one of the most obvious tell-tale signs you have a leaking vehicle. Whether it is fuel or oil, get it checked out at first sign. Most car fluids are flammable, heat and electrical sparks plus leaking fluid is all it takes to start a car fire.

  • It is important to know your vehicle and how it handles, do not ignore any breaking or handling issues as the friction could become flammable if there is an underlying issue it is related to.
  • Look for cracked or loose wiring or other electrical problems including a fuse that has blown more than once, all could be signs of greater danger.
  • Monitor your exhaust system, a hole in that system is dangerous as hot gasses having the opportunity to combine with oil can cause a fire.
  • Maintain proper tire pressures as the friction as a result of improperly inflation can cause the tires to get very hot and can cause a fire.

It is always important to consider what you are transporting – whether you are hauling flammable chemicals or you are simply transporting a 5 gallon gas can, maintain proper ventilation and follow recommended safety protocols. WalkerHughes wants all of our clients to be safe on the roadways and recommends regular vehicle safety checks!  Drive safely, Indiana!