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Does it Cost More to Insure a Red Car?

9/29/2020 | Stephanie Marsh

At WalkerHughes Insurance, we love getting questions from our policyholders!!  If one person is questioning something, there are likely many others with the same thoughts or questions that we haven't yet heard from.  Therefore, by receiving questions, it provides opportunities for us to clear up some common insurance misconceptions.  We surveyed our team to learn their list of most frequently asked questions they receive from policyholders and we are excited to launch a 'You Asked, We Listened' series addressing some of them!  

The first response on our list as mentioned by multiple WalkerHughes team members, is the notion that a red car is more expensive to insure than any other color of car. That statement is: False, your insurance policy is not impacted by your vehicle’s paint job.

Paint is not a rated factor for personal auto coverage. In fact, an underwriter or insurance agent for that matter will likely not even know what color your vehicle is. The factors that go into determining your vehicle’s rate are its year, make, model and VIN number. Annual mileage driven can be a factor, however if your annual mileage is low, it can also be a discount. From there, rates will fluctuate based on factors such as the garaging location, the amount of coverage selected and the driving and claims histories of the individual rated and their household members.    

We’ve collected a lengthy list from our team, but if you have any insurance questions, misconceptions or information you’ve like cleared up, we'd love to hear from you!